In our Pop ‘N’ Pom Dance classes, dancers learn high energy dance routines and develop their dance technique to the hottest pop hits (old and new), all whilst holding pom poms!

Pom Dance is a style of dance that is focused on fast-paced, polished arm movements, formations, jumps and skills. Pom Dance incorporates movements from other dance styles such as jazz and hip hop and also borrows certain moves and stunts seen in cheerleading.

This fun, funky and unique dance style is sure to get your young dancer fired up!

In our Cheer Dance classes (Pop ‘N’ Pom), dancers learn high-energy cheerleading and dance routines to the hottest pop hits (old and new), all whilst holding pom poms!

Cheer Dance (Pom Dance) is a branch of cheerleading that is focused on fast-paced dance routines, polished arm movements, formations, jumps and skills. It incorporates movements from dance styles such as Jazz and Hip Hop and showcases vocal chants and cheerleading stunts.

This fun, funky and unique dance style is sure to get your young dancer fired up!

We have Cheer Dance classes available for children from the age of 4-8.

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What Our Parents Think

Don’t just take our word for it!

Excellent dance school, teachers and timetables to suit all. My two girls have been attending for both ballet and tap from ages 2 and 4. They look forward to their lessons every Saturday. Wonderful supportive teachers and lots of fun!

A Melody Bear Ballet & Tap/Modern Mum

We love Chloe May’s Dance Academy. Always fun and learning new skills. Instructors are always helpful and approachable. Big smiles here 🙂

A School Years 2 Ballet & Years 2-5 Acro Dance

Friendly and welcoming. My daughter absolutely loves it here. Chloe is a brilliant teacher. I would definitely recommend.

A Junior Tap/Contemporary Modern Mum

Both of my children have been going to the academy for over a year now. My youngest son has suspected autism and I am amazed with how the academy fits him into his ballet class with so much patience and professionalism. My daughter gets excited before she goes to every lesson and aspires to be like the older dancers one day. I would definitely recommend the academy to any parent who would like their child to learn to dance in a loving, diverse, structured and professional environment.

A Ballet and Acro Mum

My daughter has been coming to your Acro classes for a couple of years, and has done a several holiday camps. At today’s camp performance it was so lovely to see her confidence coming through. The co-ordination required for dance doesn’t come easily, but she loves to sing and dance, and today I could really see her hard work paying off. At the first camp she stood at the back, looking completely overwhelmed, and today she was really happy dancing along, and proud of herself. Thank you to all of the staff for your hard work, and for giving her the opportunity to take part.

A Junior Acro Dance Mum

Would recommend to anyone wanting to start dance lessons. My daughter has been attending for over 3 years. She has tried other places but loves the friendly teachers and different classes.

A Junior Ballet, Tap/Contemporary Modern Mum

My daughter has attended Chloe May’s Dance Academy since it first opened and absolutely loves it. The dances are so much fun, especially with the use of little props and being able to dress up for special occasions. The Melody Bear dance charts are a great idea, a sticker every week to put on and reward badges to work towards. Chloe does an amazing job at keeping parents / guardians up to date and has continued to do so through such a difficult 12 months due to COVID. Have nothing but high praise.

A Melody Bear Mum

Fab teacher, well organised and very friendly to the kids, my two love going.

A Junior Acro and Tap/Contemporary Modern Dad

Fabulous dance class for my daughter, she enjoys it very much and Chloe is amazing with the children.

A Junior Ballet Mum
We have taken our daughter to other dance classes in the past and nothing compares to Chloe May’s. She looks forward to going so much and really can’t wait to return. We would recommend to anyone.
An IDTA Ballet, Tap/Modern and Acro Antics Dad

My granddaughters love going to Chloe May’s Dance Academy! The teachers are friendly and welcoming. It is lovely seeing their skills and confidence grow.
The dance camps and shows are enjoyable for all.

A Junior Acro Dance & Acro Antics Nan

My daughter absolutely loves going to Chloe May’s Dance Academy. She is really shy and clingy so I didn’t think she would would enjoy it. I was wrong! the dance teachers are great and patient and they really helped her settle into the classes. They do bigger and smaller performances, which you are not obliged to take part in. My daughter has loved doing them and it has helped so much with her shyness and has brought her out of her shell.

A School Years 1 & 2 Ballet Mum

My daughter has been attending Chloe May’s Dance Academy for just over 4 years. She absolutely loves it and goes to Ballet, Tap and Acro classes. She has the opportunity to take exams and also dance in a show each year. I would highly recommend this dance academy!

A School Years 2-5 Ballet, Tap/Modern and Acro Mum

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BA Hons Dance, Acrobatic Arts, A.I.D.T.A, A.I.S.T.D, Melody Movement, QTS